Entertainment or Value Added Services

These are Optional Value Added services on top of the basic Voice bundles and call services that the customer can use to assist them as they chat, find a given location or get updated with information like updated news, sports and listen or set their Caller ring back tone to a nice tune that the caller can listen to. These are:

Caller Ring-back tunes (CRBT)

With this option, you can personalize your corporate tune and set it as a default ringtone across all your communication lines. This streamlines your customers' experience and helps you to present a professional image

Smart Finder

This Value Added Solution enables one to find or get directions to a given location by entering the location and sending it to an SMS short Code and the system will then return direction details by SMS to one’s phone. Kind of like GPS guide but SMS Based

Smart Chat

With this option one can chat anonymously with other people using their phone and via SMS. One does not need to use their actual name as the chat. This provides a fun anonymous and discrete way to chat with others via SMS


A wide range of useful business-oriented information is accessible to info-services subscribers through mobile SMS and USSD
To Subscribe: Dial *100# and select Entertainment