Corporate and Enterprise Solutions

Smart offers Fast, Reliable and always On Dedicated and Unlimited Internet Services that keep individuals and organizations online, all the time. With an internet connection from SMART, you will also get convenient set up, easy bill management and dedicated account management.

We offer Internet over various forms of connectivity namely;

  • Wimax: Shared broadband that is available via an indoor or outdoor customer premises equipment at the customer’s end. With this you will get unlimited internet with speeds of up to 4 Mbps
  • Point to Point via Microwave Radios (P2P): Dedicated and unlimited internet access, achieving speeds of at least 4 mbps onwards and much more even upto 100 Mbps
  • Dedicated Internet Access over Fiber: For very high capacity internet users requiring dedicated connections with the best quality of connection available in the market. Fiber is usually used in instances where high capacities or data bandwidths are required. These can range from hundreds of Mbps to Gbps as well

SMART also offers various Enterprise Solutions customizable to its clients’ needs namely:

  • Firewall Solutions
  • Mail Protection
  • Security and Antivirus solutions
  • Data Back Up and Protection
  • Professional and High performance WiFi solutions
  • Bandwidth management solutions
  • Smart Office solutions
  • Network monitoring solutions

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    Bandwidth in Mbps    Price in UGX per month (VAT Inclusive)    
2 260,000 Unlimited Download and Upload
3 390,000 Unlimited Download and Upload
4 520,000 Unlimited Download and Upload
5 650,000 Unlimited Download and Upload
6 780,000 Unlimited Download and Upload
7 910,000 Unlimited Download and Upload
8 1,040,000 Unlimited Download and Upload
9 1,170,000 Unlimited Download and Upload
10 1,300,000 Unlimited Download and Upload