Smart provides a range of innovative products to suit your lifestyle, and outstanding value-for-money packages to suit your wallet. But it’s not just in our products and packages that you’ll see a difference. It’s in the way we do things. That’s because Smart’s parent company is Industrial Promotion Services (IPS) Kenya, which in turn is part of the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development (AKFED). AKFED has been funding social enterprises across East Africa for decades – making long-term investments with the aim of building economically sound businesses that create employment and improve lives. And that’s just what Smart will do.


Our approach is to bring AKFED’s social enterprise business model and reputation for innovation and customer service to telecommunications in Uganda. Smart also has Telecommunication operations in Burundi as a sister company called Lacell SU or Smart Burundi. AKFED will leverage more than ten years of telecommunications experience to make Smart Uganda’s operator of choice. Our partner, Timeturns, also adds a wealth of experience, having established and built leading telecom market players in Nepal and Cambodia.

AKFED brings a commitment to the local culture and values, and a genuine determination to improve the communities in which we operate. Our customer-centric approach was exemplified by the Give Us A Name campaign. Just as Afghans chose the name Roshan, we launched our new operation in market by giving East Africans the opportunity to choose the company name. We let you choose our name, because we are your network.

Looking Ahead

Smart is proud to be part of the East African infrastructure and community. We are excited to help connect the people of the region to one another and to the rest of the world.

We’re confident the combination of our world-class telecommunications technology and Innovative products and services will transform the lives of East Africans, just as they have elsewhere. We look forward to being your carrier of choice.

Smart is a different company. We are fun and exciting because you make us that way. Smart believes that we all have the potential for greatness in our hands. We are building today for a brighter tomorrow, by realizing our potential, and helping you realize yours. Together we can make a difference and really go places. Smart is the new mobile network for a new Africa. It is your network Let’s Connect and Let’s talk.